Homes are essential to who we are, how we think and feel, how we care for others, and how we care for ourselves.

It's a place we feel safe to express our own personal style, a place we can make our daily retreat and relax,  a place we can host others and share our gifts, raise families, and a place we can have alone time, kick our feet up, and get absorbed into a great movie or the perfect book. 

Homes are where we stay and end our

days, and there's nothing that feels quite

as good as coming home after a long day, 

or even a vacation away.

I am fortunate to be able to help individuals and families with their perfect home.

Kitchen &

Bath Designer

Arguably the most important, and the most valuable parts of the home are the kitchen, and the baths. Whether you cook or not, everybody looks at your kitchen, it's one of the largest features we investigate when searching for a home, and the room we end up using the most. Luckily, the kitchen is the one room in the home that can pay you back. Memories, a great meal, and laughter are all priceless; a kitchen can just make more of them happen.

Baths are essential to our comfort and have the largest impact on our personal psyche. Truly the environment we start and end our days, and a place where we can always make ourselves feel better, and ready for what's next.

Private Chef

One of the truest forms of love and expression is food. Food can nurture, sooth, and celebrate. It's a beautiful medium where we can create, communicate, and connect with others.

Being able to cook for others is one of my life's oldest and greatest joys. It's how I grew up, and what I find myself doing in my free time. 

Often times, I am in the background at your home while you entertain guests, and others I am front and center teaching them. You'll enjoy food & have fun with either choice.

Who I Am & What I Do