The kitchen: the heart of the home, and certainly my favorite room. There's almost nothing like a perfect kitchen, as beautiful as it is functional.

Making the kitchen look beautiful is the easy part, making it work is the important part, and making them both come together is the magic. I design macro-to-micro, meaning that I solve larger problems first, address the larger systems of the kitchen and how they hold hands and work together. From there, I analyze each independent section and make sure that they work and flow as best as possible. Then, I will micro analyze  each cabinet, drawer, insert, and detail. Then zoom back out on the big picture and make any final tweaks.

I grew up in the design world, and I grew up in kitchens, I cook three meals a day, and am pretty much obsessed with design, cooking, and organizing. So though my designs are always bespoke for my clients and their space, I always add in a little "what would I want if this were my kitchen". We're creatures of habit; we like what we're used to. So even though we go to get our kitchen redone, we're gun-shy on actual changes. It's my job to not design for past habits but for how the space can best benefit you in the future.

True design is actually fun; you should have fun designing your kitchen, because if you don't have fun designing your kitchen, you'll never have fun using your kitchen. Which is kind of the point, right?




Bathroom design is one of the most important things that surrounds us and that we interact with daily.

The bathroom is a space meant for just us. It's a place where we start and end our days, and has a profound effect on our personal psyche. Great bathroom design makes us feel better in the mornings; making us feel refreshed, soothed, centered, organized, ready, and confident. As we prepare for bed after a long day, it's a place we have final thoughts on our day, and ourselves. Creating an environment that is clean, functional, bright, and balanced bring us peace and happiness, and sets us up for success.

There are only so many storage options which is what makes it so critical, I will help provide a home for everything, and make sure it's in an easy and logical spot - where you need it, when you need it, and out of sight. Organization is key for feeling ready and relaxed.

Together we will also craft the perfect overall layout and design the shower. Create your own spa, right at home. Relax, rinse the day away, unwind, and feel better about yourself. 




I will stop over to your home, and we will discuss your budget, goals, and any ideas and concerns. I will get a feel for the home, and your general style, and offer some ideas and input of my own. Before heading out, I'll explain the timeline and process, and how it all works, and schedule the next meeting.


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I'll stop back over at your home, with a tape measure and camera in hand! I'll draw your space, take any and all dimensions, pictures, and notes possible for your new design and renovation. Of course, answer any and all questions, look up any specifications, and discuss suppliers, contractors & installers. 


Measure & Pictures

To begin, I will come up with 1 or 2 floor plans that will work for you. Then, we'll meet and refine what is most appropriate for you.

After that, I will create a photo-realistic 3D Rendering of your space. We will be able to rotate the model as if we were there in person!


Design Phase


This part is super quick; we really have the bulk of everything nailed down, but may make 1 last tweak. 

Then, I prepare a packet of information, specifications, and drawings for your contractor.

Final Adjustments