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"You care too much"-- I hear it all the time. Well, the way I was raised, that's a good thing. Caring too much makes the best food, caring too much makes the best project, caring too much makes the best design, caring too much finds you the best home, caring too much makes the best relationships. You can't change who you are, you can only change how much you help others. Caring lasts, and it's powerful.

If you can't tell, I care. I listen, I create, and I execute. I am very deliberate, very calculated, and I make it my goal to give each friend or each client the most care possible. Everyone likes talking about the "custom experience" and few care to invest the resources or the time to do so. I've found the bespoke process is impossible without time; the best food, art, wine, and conversations happen with time. You're an individual, and you should be treated as such, therefore my approach to you is individualized, custom, tailored.


The only thing I can guarantee you is that by the time we find your home, or design your kitchen, or finish with your dinner party, you'll see and feel the value. From a young age, my father taught me the paradox of value; though we're willing to pay for value, true value is invaluable, it's priceless, it's something that you feel. If you can give a friend or client true value, you've done your job, and you've both won.

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"Derek is a true professional and gentleman, he is honest and diligent, and isn't done until he has met his set of standards, which far surpassed our own, and because of that we have something better than we ever imagined or bartered for."

-Jim J.

Kitchen & Bath Designer


Private Chef

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